Who’s ready to wait in line at Black Tap??? My Official Review!πŸ¦πŸ”πŸ•‘πŸ•˜πŸ•—πŸšΆ

Here is my official review on Black Tap, which by the way it is NOW opened for Lunch at 12 noon at the Meatpacking location! Back in November, I ran into a friend at dinner one night and we were both discussing our Thanksgiving plans for the following day. I was telling her how I was SO LUCKY because a mutual friend of ours hooked us up for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade tickets for my son Shane’s actual 3rd birthday. She was like “You should’ve called the line guy to wait for you and score you a front row spot!” I looked at her incredulously and was like “excuse me there’s a liiiiiiine guy????? What the HECK is a line guy and how do I get him ONΒ my team!” So she texted a friend and got me his number, and so I did some research and couldn’t believe what a GENIUS idea this was. Having 4 kids and a busy life, heck having no kids and a boring life, this was BRILLIANT and changed the way we can conduct business. Now we could literally be in 2 places at the same time.


Here’s an excerpt from his interview with Fox 5Β Β “Robert founded Same Ole Line Dude — the name forms the acronym S.O.L.D. — three years ago.”I lost my job at AT&T in the winter of 2012,” he said. “I was on unemployment and kind of depressed for much of the year.”Robert posted an ad on Craigslist offering to wait for an iPhone 5. He made more than $300 and a company was born. Today, Robert oversees 30 same ole line dudes who wait in an average of a line a day all year round.” He waits for concerts, for broadway tickets, including the hot commodity Hamilton, Thanksgiving parade tickets, new iPhones, new sneakers, sample sales, concerts, brunch and dinner reservations, Santa Claus portraits, visas, passports…anything you can think of he will wait. Robs motto “we wait for your wants!”


So here I was now in February and I happened to bump into the same friend and she whispers to me, “I have a new hotspot you have to take your daughters to they will love it. You gotta see the pics on instagram!” She had me at “pics on insta” and I set off on my research. I type in the name Black Tap and the most amazing, picture perfect, delicious looking candy covered, chocolate doused milkshakes pop up before my eyes. Picture after picture my heart was pounding I was thinking the kids are going to FLIP!


I call immediately to make reservations for the following week when I knew I had an afternoon free that I could take Hailey and her 2 friends. The guy informed me that he didn’t take reservations. So I said ok that’s fine but Monday at 5 shouldn’t be a problem right? He’s like “Ma’am let me put it this way, right now we are working on a 3 hour wait and there’s now way to predict. This past week we have been on a consistent 3-4 hour wait.” I hung up defeated. How in the hell am I ever gonna taste that birthday cake sprinkle covered milkshake. There’s no way you will catch me waiting on a 3 hour line in the middle of February. Oh hayellllll no. So instead I made my own insta collage of the milkshakes for fun…lol…and went to bed.Β πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½


The next morning I shared the pic with some friends and I was like “Guys we gotta take our kids here! This place is blowing up!” Then it HIT ME! I am soooooo freaken slick I’m gonna call Rob to wait in line for me! I texted him right away and he’s like “Wow I JUST saw this place on the Today Show no more than a few hours ago I am SO UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!” So we set our date, and I said I would be in touch. Said day arrives and I’m all ready to surprise Hailey and 2 of her besties and out of nowhere comes a Snow Storm!


I was soooooooo upset because this was our one free night to do it for several weeks. I agonized for hour and hours and asked endlessly on Facebook about road conditions and NYC road conditions. I decided to take a gamble, it was her 10th birthday later on in the week and I figured we can start celebrating early with a surprise trip to the city. I figured we might have some good luck because of the snow, maybe people wouldn’t want to be waiting. I texted Rob and he headed over to get a sense of the timing.


We zipped through Long Island and arrived in the city in record time. I marched right up to the front door where the bouncers were and I informed them that my “husband” was waiting for us inside. Denied. I was like excuse me? They said I’m sorry your entire party needs to be together before we let you inside. Very calmly (panicking) I informed him that it was my daughter’s 10th birthday and my “husband” had been waiting an hour for us and we ARE going to be joining him. The bouncer informed me that it’s always someones birthday or special occasion and that rules are rules. My stress level was rising and I was trying to stay calm but inside I’m thinkingΒ we are tooootally getting turned away, my slickness was NOT so slick after all. So I wentΒ back and forth with the bouncer and all of a sudden I get a phone call from Rob “my husband” and he’s like is that you fighting with the bouncer and I’m like “uuuhhhh yeeees?” He laughs and said “turn around Im #1 on line come join me!” So there he was doing his job perfectly and within their “rules”. I get the girls from the car, we slip under the ropes with Rob and within 5 minutes the bouncer welcomes us to the door and says with a grin “Im assuming your husband isn’t staying?”, I wink and flash my smile and was like “uhhhh nope he has to get back to work” Β πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚Β and we sprint right in. But first I hug and kiss my “husband” goodbye and whisper in his ear I paid you on Venmo! Β WE HAD MADE IT!IMG_1472

We enter the “larger” of the 2 Black Taps, and by larger I mean 8 or so tables and a communal high top table. The place looks like a dive bar, there is writing all over the tables and walls, which I figured would be a fun activity for the girls while we wait. We ask the waitress for a pen and we set off on our graffiti masterpieces lol…We were obviously there for the shakes, but the burgers looked pretty enticing as well.IMG_1427IMG_1433

First thing that caught me off guard was…the very.short.milkshake.menu. There were only 3 options on it, which I felt was very misleading and disappointing considering I’ve been dreaming about this rainbow Birthday cake milkshake for weeks. But such is life, we kept it moving, no time for sulking…bring on the shakes…


We rushed through our meals and we were so excited for the main event, I literally almost started chanting and pounding on the table “bring us our shakes!!!” But I restrained the inner 6 year old inside and insteadΒ let loose theΒ inner 9 year old girl in me andΒ practiced perfecting my selfie with the girls,Β ourΒ burgers and wingsΒ andΒ bad lighting…


We decided to get 1 of each of the Milkshakes so we could sample all of them. Every time we saw the waiter coming up from the basement carrying a tray of shakes we would squeal and all break out our cellphones, flashes on, lighting up the dim bar and getting ready to press record. We were let down several time until we finally saw the one coming with the candle. It was GO TIME!


We sung happy birthday, and the month long celebrations of Hailey turning digits was officially underway! How’s that for a regular oleΒ after school playdate turned into F-U-N!!! Whether you have a tween or not, one thing you should know is that THEYΒ HAVE the strong desire to document their doings on social media…snapchat or instagram being the 2 current obsessions. Then you add me into the mix with my picture taking obsessions (cell phone and real camera on hand) and we had a photoshoot mess on our hands. WeΒ took turns posing with our milkshake creations, stealing little sips and licks here and there, and once we were satisfied that we got each angle with perfect filters lol we realized they WERE VERY MELTED! Oh well! It all goes down the same pipe anyway! We dug in and enjoyed everything about the milkshakes, the taste, the candy, the cookies, ALLΒ of it!


Once we had our fill, I checked the time…time to go. ⏰⏰⏰ It was a school night after all and we had to make our trek back home. As much as I loved being with Hailey and her 2 friends that areΒ like my other daughters, I had 3 littleΒ kids at home that hadn’t seen their Mommy all day, and if my other daughter Dylan found out where I was, I would be in big trouble. ThankfullyΒ for Rob, I already had him booked for our next trip with her friends.


I’m all about throwing the schedule out the window and being spontaneous with your kids. Homework shmomework, it was girls night out! After all,Β moments like these are where memories are made…β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œIMG_1468

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