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Be aMUSEed at Muse Paint Bar 🎨🍷🍸🧀🎂

My family is made up of 2 older girls and 2 little boys, which presents itself with advantages and challenges because it’s like having 2 different families. Sometimes we will do things with the whole family, sometimes special activities with the girls and sometimes just with the boys and sometimes a random assortment of siblings. I also feel like it’s VERY important in a big family to have alone time with each child or 2 at a time whatever combo it is. I found a really fun activity to do with my big girls, for some fun girl bonding time! PAINTING nights! There are different places on Long Island that do this, and I’m sure you can find places all across the USA.🇺🇸 My favorite place is called MUSE PAINT BAR, they have 2 locations: Great Neck and Garden City, in Long Island.


One of the unique “draws” of Muse Paint Bar is that there is actually a bar that you can order drinks and appetizer kinds of food from (you can see it behind me).  The beauty of it is the kid friendly nature making it a place where your whole family can go together to spend quality time. I’ve been their for a “Mom’s Night”👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿, for an “Only Girls Family Night”👩🏽👩🏻👧🏻👵🏽, and then for a “Moms and Daughters Night”👩🏻👧🏻 with our friends. My oldest daughter also did a painting event for MLK day when school was out of session 📚🍎❌ and went to a birthday party just yesterday!  Next on my agenda is to try a date night with Craig and test out his painting skills…💑🎨



Here’s a description from their site “We’ll teach the session’s painting and serve wine, beer, & bites to feed your muse. Great for girls’ nights out, dates, birthdays, and more! Groups of 1 to 50 welcome. No art experience needed! Scroll through our calendar. Find a painting that you like, on a night that you like. Then call your friend(s), reserve spots (online or by phone: 888-607-6873), and get excited!  Classes are typically $35, but please click on the events to see session-specific prices. Bring your Paint Face. We’ve got the rest—paint, a canvas, an apron. We have delicious inspiration on hand – our kitchen & bar are stocked with a great selection of eats, wine, beer. Customers can arrive up to 30 mins beforehand. Our trained artists will guide you, brushstroke by brushstroke, from blank canvas to masterpiece. Relax. You needn’t an ounce of artistic skill. See our Facebook Gallery for some examples of previous sessions. Take your painting with you and hang it in your home, bring it to the office, or give it to someone special as a gift. And tell everyone how much fun you had at Muse Paintbar!

Muse is really 🆒 inside, I especially like the exposed brick walls covered with beautiful painted canvases. There are so many really pretty ones on the wall that I would LOVE to paint, some more challenging then others! Most of these canvases are options to be painted, but you have to check the calendar for their scheduled listings.


When you arrive, you get your apron and find your seat. I’ve always reserved my seat online, so I just find my place card on my canvas with my groups table. They give you some time before painting starts, to mingle and get drinks and snacks from the bar. Food is basic finger foods and appetizers. The teacher stands on the stage and introduces the painting and you begin. The teacher will take you step by step how to reproduce the painting, but you are at liberty to make your own adjustments, change colors, add or subtract anything from the painting!


See that white jacket in the background? Ya that was mine. First and last time I did that. You live and learn. I prefer to leave my jacket in the car now, because I’ve seen way too many spills, and dirty hands and loose paintbrushes, and wild kids walking haphazardly yielding drippy oozing paintbrushes (they usually belong to me 🙄🤔).

I love this activity because it truly is something that both parents and kids can enjoy TOGETHER! When you arrive to your table your paint palette is already laid out, as well as the other supplies, paint brushes, water and paper towels. There is a helper teacher who comes around for questions and refills your paint.

These are 2 of the paintings I did in the last few months. I check on the calendar and pick my dates specifically based on the paintings I like. If I am taking the kids then I have to consider if it is a painting that they can do, or if it will be too challenging and frustrating. This is the calendar for March 2016 in Great Neck, Long Island.


When I went with my family back in January, we had dinner directly next door to the right at the Japanese restaurant. I always like pairing an activity with a good meal. part of the experience is the fun in seeing how everyones paintings are different. It’s exciting to see the inner artist in people, and part of the fun is to find out which people surprised you with their “skills!”


Of course, if you aren’t the designated driver, your free to DRINK up! Which only adds to the fun!🍷🍸🍹🍻 Throughout the painting session, you take food, drink and mingling breaks. That’s when I like to walk the aisles and see who my competition is…😈🔎


Then of course at the end of your session everyone has to take their “famous” stage pic with their group.👭📸🎨 Always a good picture opp, it seals the deal and preserves the memory!


I love love love going, however then the issue becomes WHERE do you put the paintings? Especially, if you have 3 of the same one! Ahhh whatever who cares… As long as a good time was had by all, then the rest is history…






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