Tech tip- is your phone storage full? πŸ“± Need space?πŸ™πŸ½ Help in on the way!πŸ†˜

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Quick fact!

Did you know that your text messages take up massive amounts of cell phone storage??? πŸ“ŸβŒπŸ‘ŽπŸ½

I have a 120gig iPhone.
53.5 gigs are used and 60.1 is available. ( So literally half of my phones storage is used)

The Offenders: Of my 53.5 gigs used
-13.2 is messages ALONE. I have my message set to NEVER ERASE HISTORY. So therefore the number will always continuously creep up…
-my photos and camera roll is 25.3
-videos 3.7
-music 1.9

So now what? To see what I’m talking about go to SETTINGS➑️GENERAL➑️STORAGE AND ICLOUD USAGE➑️MANAGE STORAGE

1. You can set your messages to erase after 30 days and this will free up a tremendous amount of storage. You can also scroll to the bottom of your text messages and start deleting anything you don’t need. THIS IS AN EASY WAY TO GET SPACE! No brainer! πŸ“ŸπŸ“Ÿ


2. Now this is a hard one. I suspect if it was easy you would’ve done it already. You need to transfer picture off your phone onto the computer. How? Well that’s another post for another dayπŸ“Έ Let’s look at my photo breakdown


3. Videos are a kiiiiiilllllerrrrr! You HAVE to get them off your phone and either on to your computer or an external hard rice. Another post for another day…πŸŽ₯

Follow this quick tip to free up space quickly. I’m constantly on top of my storage issues because I take tons of photos and videos on my phone (my 53.5 gigs is literally from the last 2 months 😳😱) Β so I’m constantly transferring and freeing up space, which means I rarely will get this message…


If you are like most people, not on top of your storage and you are just snapping away and taking pics and videos thinking your phone is a bottomless pit then sooner rather than later you Β will find yourself with no storage. I have a few friends (they know who they are πŸ€”πŸ™„) and I literally cringe when they tell me that they can’t even download new apps or take another pic. I don’t understand and how that is a sustainable way of living for more than 1 day. Being responsible with your phones can literally be a part time job…you gotta stay on top of it!πŸ‘πŸ½

If you want a quick read to validate how and why you should delete messages here ya go! Enjoy!



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