Ready to get your kid a cell phone? Read this first!

Some good phone advice from a friend I shall call “mom of older girls”. I too was one of those moms who got Hailey a phone very early…she was 8 and it helped alleviate some separation anxieties she was facing. While I haven’t went the contract route, it’s an interesting idea. I gave Hailey general rules of safety and responsible and have had a somewhat hands off approach. She hasn’t given me reason to doubt her and so far has “obeyed” rules and always takes very good care of her phone. As challenges and issues come up we discuss together and learn on the go. I’m ok with that. A separate issue I have is the need to live behind the phone and thru social media but that’s another post for another time. Excuse me while I remind her to put the phone down and look out the window at the Tuscan countryside…πŸ”

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