Backyard Furniture, Toys, Swingset or Outdoor Siding Dirty??? MR POWERWASHER Will Get Your Yard Ready For BBQs and Backyard Playdates!!! 🏑🚿

I LOVE entertaining and having a million kids and adults over in my yard but I hate:

1. Wiping down my Swingset 2. Cleaning the outdoor toys 3. Hosing down the furniture, table and chairs. Add into it the fact that Craig is not handy at all and has no time to do this and we find ourselves in a standstill. πŸ™πŸ½Every year for the last few years before a big backyard party I have Jimmy aka the Original Mr POWERWASHER come and do the job. 🚿🚿🚿


Part of “the job” for me is to powerwash the whole exterior of the house, clean out my gutters, powerwash my whole patio and walkway and hose down every single piece of outdoor furniture including all the folding tables and chairs. Then since Toys ‘R Us looks like it threw up in my yard I have him do every single Little Tikes house, plastic car, plastic jungle gym, slide, roller coaster, sports equipment, thing I can find, in addition to the Swingset and trampoline! It’s a great service and frees me to play WITH the kids instead of scrubbing all the dirt and grime from the toys! Once his crew is done my house and yard are READY FOR SUMMER!!! Give Jimmy and his team a call and tell him I sent you!Β (631) 265-5805

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