Snowdays Shaved Cream Co. and Seaglass Carousel πŸ¦πŸŽ πŸ πŸ¬πŸŸπŸ—½

In the summer I always like to make a few trips into the city with the kids. New on the list for this summer was Snowdays Shaved Ice Cream and the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park. They were fairly nearby each other so it was a perfect pairing. We skipped a traditional lunch and headed straight for the dessert. We all opted for their signature flavor called Yeti Tracks. It’s a blue cookies and cream like flavor. I was super excited to see condensed milk as one of the drizzles so I chose that one right away.

The kids chose an assortment of candies and rainbow cereals as topping.

Snowdays has an interesting concept by taking a block of ice and shaving it down to make a creamy and fluffy cream.



This Taiwanese and Korean ice concept tricks you into thinking its ice cream!


After Snowdays we hopped back into the car and headed down to the tip of the city marveling at the Freedom Tower on our way. We winded our way thru battery park and found the carousel building. We bought our tickets at $5 a ride and zoomed right in. It’s one of those things that WOWS you right away.


I’ve never seen a carousel like this. “SeaGlass lacks the center pole of a traditional carousel. Instead, the four turntables are driven by electric motors housed below the floor. Each of the 30 massive fiberglass fish was custom designed and fabricated for SeaGlass by Show Canada. Internally illuminated with color-changing LED light fixtures and outfitted with integrated audio systems, each fish is designed to recall the bioluminescence found deep in the ocean.”

We marveled at each unique fish and immediately proclaimed our favorites, the ones we would try to claim when it was our turn! Again it was one of those cool pic opportunities with the lovely colors and pretty fish as backdrops.


Each fish went up and down and then slowly spun around to classical music. It was like watching fish dance and mesmerizing like swimming in the natural ocean! We lined up for our 2nd ride and each chose a different fish. It was a fun ride for all ages and we would def go there again if we were in that area!


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