What I Never Knew About Planned Parenthood 💓#HealthcareHappensHere💓

About the Planned Parenthood Event in Roslyn today Monday, January 23, 2017 at Thyme (till 10pm)…besides seeing a lot of pink hats this is what I saw from the Nassau County Action Chapter …💓💓💓💓💓 img_7053

Admittedly not knowing too much about the 100 Year old organization I decided to go and support a cause that I actually do feel very strongly about and to learn more…women’s rights, healthcare and pro-choice matters.


What I learned is that when (ACA is repealed/ new act is formed- fuzzy on this timeline) Trump plans on adding a rider to defund Planned Parenthood. The female representative  told me 2/3 of their users are on Medicaid and Title X and the rider will basically not allow PP to get reimbursed from Medicaid. While anyone in need won’t be turned away, in essence the women will find themselves in a hard spot since PP will be unable to accept Medicaid and all these women will lose this access and healthcare. The lady also told me that in some remote locations PP is the ONLY access to healthcare that women have!!! What???


If 66% of their demographic is denied (due to lack of insurance coverage) that means no more OBGYN healthcare, no more sexually transmitted infections ( what I formally knew as STDs) testing, no more breast exams, no more HIV testing, no more pregnancy testing, no more free prenatal care visits to ensure healthy pregnancies, no more HPV shots, no more Pap tests and colonoscopies to diagnose potential cervical cancer, no more STI tests during MALE client hours, no more birth control, no more emergency contraception kits, and yes NO more medical and surgical abortions. I put abortions last because it’s NOT only about that which is what I ignorantly thought. I didn’t realize how much PP does do for the 51% of the population, women of America.


I can’t help but share this meme I found on Facebook to clear the record (note the sarcasm…)


There was an opportunity to write to Speaker Paul Ryan and NY State Senator Flanagan expressing your support for the very important things PP brings to our families- yes women AND MEN, and hopefully (if needed) one day your children!


Feel free to screen shot these postcards and use them for yourselves. They also provided blank paper for you to write your own heartfelt letter. I was kind of left speechless and taking it all in so I used their form later and added my own line.


They also had raffles to raise money, or you could donate directly to their cause, the 2 prizes being a Hamptons Getaway for 4 Nights and a Cocktail Party for 20 at Thyme.


I included some info they handed out and had displayed…it was actually a very informal gathering and I didn’t feel pressured or uncomfortable at all. All the women were ready and willing to answer all questions I had, even election related. They explained different volunteering options in an informative but not pushy way. One women explained to me the Mexico City Policy that Trump signed into law today.


Briefly the Mexico City Policy is an executive order barring foreign aid or federal funding for international nongovernmental organizations that promote or provide abortions. This order will directly  affect women globally in third world countries with devastating and fatal results. Considering President Trump has made his intentions clear, has the backing of a Republican Congress and is set to fill a few Supreme Court spots, I can’t help but worry. I know this policy has been reinstated and cancelled depending on each past presidents political affiliation but what makes this time more frightening is our current political climate, social media and “new world” we are living in. I hope that helps if you were considering attending or still plan on attending tonight…. Also I want to commend the millions of women Saturday Jan 21, 2017 who marched forward, so we don’t march backwards…💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 For further reading information you can also visit their Facebook page here and on Instagram find them at @PPNassauAction and Twitter at @PPNCactionfund. If you are interested in getting involved or donating your time you can email publicaffairs@ppnc.org or call 516-750-2601. A very genuine and sincere thank you to the women I met today and at the entire organization who volunteer their time on behalf of all their “sisters” around the country!!! 👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭


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