48 Hour Whirwhind, 20 Miles Walked, 20 Senator And 12 Congress Offices Visited, Countless Smiling Staff, 2 Bombshell Controversies and Seeing 100 Senators and almost all 435 Congressmen Vote in Person!!! Woah πŸ˜³βœ”οΈ

If I thought I had seen it all on Monday, I couldn’t even have imagine what was in store for us when we walked out the door into Capitol Hill yesterday morning. The sun was shining it was a warm day, we were going to play the day by ear, bags in storage πŸ’Ό we would buy our train tickets home last minute. 🎟
First stop was the Russell Senate Building the day was young it was 10am.πŸ•™

We went through metal detectors and set off down the marble halls… there is a directory in the lobby but we preferred just walking aimlessly and seeing who we were find.πŸŽ‰ First stop was Senator John McCain from Arizona!

We popped our heads in to say Good Morning and the intern welcomed us in right away! He showed us around the office and we saw McCains personal photos and awards. πŸŽ–πŸ†

Since the Senator was in a meeting in his office we were unable to go inside. We settled for a picture by the door knowing he was on the other side of it!πŸ“·βœ”οΈ

Coming off of our recent RV trip out West gave us a lot to talk about with the staff when we walked into the offices.πŸ’πŸ½ Each office was unique and showed a different personality by representing their state whether it was the decor or food they offered or artwork in display.πŸ†’

In every reception room we were greeted by young interns who seemed to be just as excited telling us their stories as we were to listen and ask questions about their senators and the states they live in! β™₯️ It was easy to get sucked in and talk and discuss colleges they attendedπŸŽ“, if they grew up in that states, if so where and if not what brought them to work for their senators and a lot of conversations about tourism in the state.

No matter what state we went into we were always made to feel very welcome and they were very happy and willing to answer every and all questions we had. πŸ€“Several staffers offered us tickets to the Congress and Senate galleries! πŸŽŸπŸ›

We spent a good hour in Cruz’s office his staffers were super friendly and we chatted up with Texan constituents!

Midway through the building we found the Russell Senate rotunda where we saw all the major news station set up to do interviews!!!!πŸŽ₯πŸŽ₯πŸŽ₯

All I wanted was a good Manu Raju sighting 😩. By the time we completed the building 4 hours and over 3 miles had been walked, πŸšΆπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸšΆπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸšΆπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸšΆπŸ½we were starved but completely on a high!πŸ™‹πŸ½ It was super cool to stop by our NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office and again we were welcomed in by friendly college interns!

A huge highlight was the ability for Hailey to sit at the Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell’s desk and we walked out on his veranda for pics and had views of the Capitol…#roomwithaview πŸ–Ό

Unexpectedly there were not a lot of food options nearby so we headed back to Union Station to the food court for a quick lunch because time was ticking rapidly. 🚝🍟 Whattya know I checked the map and CNN studios were located a few blocks away! Off we went, I had very very high hopes, I pictured myself yucking it up with Jim, and Wolf, perhaps one of the Brooke’s heck I’d take Jeffrey Lord I was so flipping excited. 🀞🏽🀞🏽🀞🏽My dreams came crashing down when I arrived at the building.

I was expecting this modern glass building, like something you would seen in Times Square. Perhaps see through where you can see them on the set. NO. Old brown brick building with an unfriendly guard. 😩I DID get to see on top of their roof the set they use when they want the Capitol in the background, that was enough of a win for me!🎊

#thelittlethings. We took a few pics and we continued on our quest. πŸ—Ί

Ok now here’s where the story takes a wild turn. Its 3:30 pm and I know most of you are thinking wasn’t that enough of a day for you Alethea!? No. When I set my mind to something I complete it. πŸ’ͺ🏽 Instead of rewriting the series of events as they unfolded I decided to Copy and paste my conversation with my husband that I wrote to him from the train ride home as I was high on life!

I first want to preface it by saying “There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.”

Ok so buckle up…

Craig I can’t believe what we just saw in the senate! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!It doesn’t make sense that I timed it. It was like a gift from God I asked in every single Senate office for times and topics of votes and no one could give me a straight answer

We were headed to the Capitol to watch the Senate at 330 and as we pulled up something told me to detour and I asked driver to take us to Longworth Congress House Office instead!

Craig it’s so crazy if If I didn’t make that last minute everything would not have fallen into place like thenperfection that it was! We wouldn’t have met the Puerto Rican Congresswoman. We went inside and introduced ourselves.

They spoke Spanish to my dad and we found out that PR has 1 Congress representative but she can not vote. The staffer also told us that they are voting on statehood in June. After a few minutes we thanked him and he took a picture outside the office for us. We were gathering our stuff to go and he pops back outside and asks if we would like to meet Congresswoman Jennifer Gonzales- Colon. We were so excited. She greeted us with hugs and kisses not a handshake because “that’s how they do in PR”.

It felt like home. She said very motivational things to Hailey and told her that she is the first female Congresswoman ever in PR.

She told us more about statehood and said they are pretty confident it may happen. She gave Hailey a bunch of parting gifts and signed her card for Hailey!

Hail was squeaking with excitement!


We stopped by Rep. Kathleen Rice’s office and the staff again was so friendly and invited us in to see her office.

Stopped at Zeldin’s office!!!! I asked the girl, respectfully, if he was planning on holding an IN PERSON townhall anytime soon? She gave me the run around and basically said no. And I saw my way out.

It was fate! I can’t get over how we were so lucky!

Did you miss this picture of Hailey?

Rep Donovan was outside his office and people were taking pics with him
That’s so cool what did she think?
And we walked by and smiled and I screamed out with excitement NEW YORK!!!

and they laughed

And he stopped us

Shook our hands
And he said where r u from? I said Roslyn and we’re in Congressman Suozzi’s district He said how about this “Take this pic and send it to Suozzi and tell him I’m recruiting his voters!”I asked what part of NY he represents and Β He said Staten Island and some Brooklyn! And we were like “wow that’s so cool thanks for your service”

Lol. That’s cool

And we walked away And googled him Republican haha πŸ˜‚

Oh that’s funny was he nice?
Ya he was. Then we walked thru each floor quickly Like not Obsessive just casually Maybe half of each floors offices we saw and just took pics either outside the office or went in for quick chit chat. Every time we found a staircase we took it down until we arrived back on 1st floor.

And then I was like “ok let’s head to senate maybe they will Still be there voting” because even after asking every office we still didn’t have a clear idea of timing….

Your gut is good

Ya I know it is. So right as we tucked under to the visitor center I Snapped this pic of the Capitol with the sun peaking behind…it should have been a sign of good things to come. Maybe it was and that’s what drew me to take the pic!

And headed in. It was EMPTY. 505pm

Why was no one there?

I don’t know it was weird. Maybe because it was late in the day and people didn’t realize. I asked guard I was like “excuse me are they still voting?” He was like yes scheduled for 515 we had no idea what that meant

So we put our phones away in storage because you can’t bring them in and I didn’t think to tell you to tape cspan…

We sat down and Rubio was talking

To a small room of people

And we were like wow at least we saw that!

So we were Ready to leave

Nothing was going on

Then gavel

I got up to ask guard

“Are we gonna be able to see any senators today?”

He looked at me like πŸ€”

He goes well that’s a few of them right there in middle I was like “oh! Cool! Sorry I Didn’t recognize”

So I sat back down

Then they started taking roll call

10 names go by



But we still got excited hearing their names especially since we just passed several in the buildings earlier today. The names started slowing down

And then long pauses

So I got up again. Impatient.

“Excuse me why are they taking long pauses”?

“Bc they are announcing names either as they walk in or vote”

“Oh ok thanks”

sat back down
At that point How many people are u with?
Um 12 most

2 teens from missouri next to me

3 Dutch

And 2 other groups
How did the Dutch get in?
1 of them were from cali

And few others Anyway soooo then

Craig remember when we were little and would watch WWF when they announce the wrestler and the curtain flips open and they appear

And the crowd goes wild
All of a sudden doors started opening and closing

Fast now

Like nonstop

And 1,2,3 at a time they start coming in

And the rules were You have to be silent, no waving, yelling names or throwing money…

All of a sudden


RUBIO…he’s back!

CRUZ…lyin Ted!!!

BERNIE…omg he’s so cute!

SCHUMER…in the flesh!!!

GILLIBRAND…wow she’s here!


MITCH…the Senator majority guy!

COLLINS and MURKOWSKI…you know the female Rep senators that often votes with the Dems!
Like announcing the Mets lineup?
yes totally!!!

WARREN walks up to the desk gives a πŸ‘ŽπŸ½ sign BOOS AND WALKS OUT

we were silent cheering

It. Was. Ridonkulous. Roll call continues…

BOOKER…only African American I think



RAND…with his gelled curls

Eww. Look atchu! You think you know it all!
Haha! I’m trying to think who else




FRANKEN…was so exciting

GRAHAM…he’s been speaking out against DT


HIRONO from Hawaii!


SASSE…he has a new book out!


WYDEN…his voice so cute

I mean Craig we were like hitting each other, and grabbing each other’s legs! Hailey was just as excited!!! It made me so happy!

It was so hard to contain excitement

We kept looking at each other saying OMG OMG if the family only knew what we are witnessing right now they would go crazy for us!
Did hailey know the names?
Yes of course! So many

Bc we had walked by almost all

Of their offices in the last 2 days!
Nice I’m proud of her!
So they literally vote and split

Walk in one door and right out the other.Some Stayed to Mingle…

Totttaaally gossiping I bet
Did you/them even have the Comey memo story yet?

Im guessing Probably not because it was shortly before 6. For the most part Dems wore blues ties And theReps wore red.I was able to mostly predict their votes based on tie and knowing their faces.

If a blue Tie walked in I would point them out and say this is gonna be someone’s name we know I bet

And then they would walk up and give their vote and then announcer would say COTTON NAYE

MCCONNELL YAYE and we could put a face to a name.

Can you believe this?

They just kept getting better and better

Schumer was in and out the quickest

By the time I pointed him out they saw the top of his head slipping out of sight I was so upset

I was like how did you miss Schumer!

But couldn’t dwell on it Bc other high rollers were pouring in. Then suddenly the Gavel! 52 to 46 confirmed Assistant Director of Transportation for Cabinet
Wow that’s a Close vote!

I know I feel this way almost every night lately, but watching the news tonight and the Sally Yates interview has really been unreal

I Feel like this will be memorable day
And I was there!!!

Wait let me Continue craig Your gonna flip

Bang bang everyone leaves

I’m like should we go?

But we sit

Mitch McConell walks back in

I think he’s one step from deaths door You couldn’t even hear nor understand him Sounded real elderly Old
Bc He really represents the pulse of the America people…
Ha I know right? Before Mitch spoke

A senator spoke under us hidden in view. He wanted to discuss that the newest form of threats/attacks is something very dangerous it’s called


he discussed all forms of fake news and the dangers of it

I announced to the remainders that ahem, I recognized him by voice alone!
Who was it?
Big fan big fan

I always told u that I love him because he always has the right words to say. You know, the one with the slight lisp…Ron WYDEN! Anyway the room went quiet again

All of a sudden Schumer walks straight in the door and straight out another door.

We get so excited!

In my head I’m like ok now we can leave! Bc they got to see him! I say let’s move up a few rows Bc People start emptying out

We moved to front row

I notice that they are preparing a podium

With water

I deduce that McConnell just spoke from the left center podium- senate majority leader

They are setting up right center podium


Fake tears Chuck coming?

Lol πŸ˜‚
I announce to the crowd it’s gonna be FTC I just know it

Bc now peeps are asking me questions
The expert
Yup I said standby it’s gonna be Chuck everyone lets wait

We wait

And wait

And wait


People getting antsy

Where’s FTC πŸ”¦πŸ”­

I turn to Dutch and I say

Something’s wrong

And she’s like why

I said “he’s getting briefed on something It’s taking too long it doesn’t make sense”

This is around 605 pm

She laughs

I say “you never know with this breaking news who knows what we will come out to when we leave this chamber!”

And she laughs

He comes in

Takes a deep breath

And we are grabbing each other’s knees

Chuck has arrived!!!

He takes out his paper

Places it down

Turns on his mic 🎀

Addresses the President of the room? House? Senate? Gallery? I can’t remember what word he used…

Who is presiding you ask?
Go on
LITTLE MARCO, stone cold face 😐
FTC READS 3 paragraphs:

Summarizes the past week, shocking revelations and ends with “HISTORY IS WATCHING”…

Mic drop 🎀

walks out slams door

We run to security and grab our phones I text you guys soooo excited!
That history is watching quote made the rounds
Oh did it? And we ask if house is still voting They said yes at 615. We snap a quick pic outside House Gallery and hand in Phones

It’s like 608. I mean u saw how fast we were. I texted you and then we were gone. That’s all I could do they took my phone We sit down 610

I ask for bathroom


Forget it I don’t wanna miss it

I get back up

“Excuse me will there be a few Congressmen that we get to see today?”

“Ma’am this a a vote today”

“Ok on what”

“I’m not sure ma’am Something maybe about cyber security”

“Ok cool. So will several be here?” “Ma’am it’s in the Constitution they are required to vote in person.”
“WAIT WHAT? The entire Congress will be here?”

“yes ma’am it’s a vote”

“Ok thank you”

Run back to seat

Lol. Ma’am it’s in the constitution πŸ“œ

All of a sudden

Doors start opening

The room lights up

All of a sudden on the fabric walls

You see 435 names

The wooden moldings turn into a tv

Craig like an illusion

Clock gets set at 15 minutes and the countdown begins

1 yaye



And I’m like what’s going on

Green Yayes start going up Next to names. There’s 6 doors

It was MAYHEM!!!

You’re trying to watch the doors your trying to watch the clock, the vote, the tally, you’re looking at small names Which confirms they are in the room and have voted!

10s, 50, hundreds are piling in

Can u imagine???
I whisper to my mom look ITS JAMES BROWN WIG! Remember that Congresswoman that he made fun of? It was so exciting to see her! She was a great speaker!
435 people really is a lot




If we blinked we would’ve missed her! Kathleen Rice enters sticks her card in, a green goes up next to her name and she walks right out. Her constitutional responsibility fulfilled in 7 seconds!

Never to be seen again!

Clock stops

Vote keeps going

So cool

another 10 mins go by
And we’re up to 420s

They were voting on HR 1616

King and Zeldin appear on screen with green

Where are they?

No where to be found. They must have slipped in and out.

Scanning crowd furiously

Who else do we know do we know?

If only we could take a pic! Dutch asking me how many more votes

I said like 5 or so

Where is Pelosi??? where is she?

Her name is empty

Ryan is suddenly gone

His name empty

Little by little the Repubs trickle out

Half of Dems stay

Bang bang times up

Order in the room

A White haired dem stands up and starts reading

Private conversations continue

He keeps reading

Another white haired man stands up and yells at the other side of the room towards the republicans

It’s getting heated

And motions to guy in charge to get order in the room Bc people are so rude. Me and Hailey look at each other and giggle. It’s getting good

Room goes silent

Guy 2 sits down guy 1 proceeds he ends. claps. Then Silence. We don’t recognize many anymore. Hailey spots Suozzi still in the room and pats herself on the back.

Kennedy walks in and I joke that I’d like to run my fingers thru his curly

Red hair because it looks so soft

One guy leaves in a wheelchair
Another Congressman walks out with prosthetic legs
That’s an example of when a chat timing goes wrong

Assuming I’m the weirdo?
Yes. U are
Ok right
About Running hands thru Kennedy hair. Nice Non sequiter
Keep going
Ok so Congressman with the prosthetic legs walk out and I see him leaving just in time to tell Hailey he lost his legs in battle but don’t know his name. Hero

I check the clock 710 no Nancy Pelosi. Decide Nancy not coming, our desk pic will have to do. I say this is our cue guys.

I say it’s now or never if we are getting on the 8pm train. So we Have to cut it short, and end on a high note. Grab our phones and start running to bathroom. Check schedule send out my sos to you guys

Hail a cab, cab to hotel, grab bags get back in his car drops us at Union Station it’s 730 sun is setting on Washington
Amazing that you pulled this off Hailey and your parents


I take a last look at the Capitol and head inside.

End Scene 🎬

Justtttt kidding

Story not over yet

But it had such tear jerker of an ender


Head to counter buy our tickets and then we find a restaurant to eat at. Turn the news on for the FIRST TIME all day


I didn’t understand what you were saying earlier in our chat in between the Senate and House 2 minute break when you texted me


It all makes sense now. The news had broke about the Comey memo around 6pm…

Of course I’m guessing but now it fits the story

Schumer’s delay (exact timing of release)

Nancys absence

Ryan disappears for vote

And now here the heck I am on the train going in the wrong direction Instead if hanging around for tomorrow cliffhanger!

When you texted I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation until I was trapped on this train

I could have sent hailey home with my parents



It will be fine at home. You Need to be in front of tv
Saooooo that’s

my story and I’m sticking to it

And here I am exhausted
You can sleep in tomorrow





What does it mean that the only Senate office we were allowed to see was Warren?
I dont know
Beginners luck

To think…How I walked in and asked if t was possible

Like as if I was asking for a piece of gum

Hi do you have a piece of gum? Hi would we be able to see her office?

I’m cringing




ohhhh myyyy goddddd

We walk into Longworth Congress building

I can’t even type the story it’s awkward

I can’t

Are u ready
We walk into elevator

And as doors close

We notice a bank of telephone booths

And we’re laughing

And the last one says “charge calls”

I’m like who is charging phone calls these days

This can’t be

They must be defunct and people are making calls in private behind closed doors

The door closes But reopens again

So catches us off guard as we’re discussing

So I say “OH! Excuse me do you work here?” (Was gonna ask about pay phones)

And she looks perplexed

And I say “here like as in this building”

And she says

“Uhhh…yes? I’m. A. Member. Of. Congress!”



Room silencer

Neither of us knew how to recover


That u will never forget

The one that got away…
And I stood there stupified and confused.

She gets off at her floor

And we all look at each other

And say wait what?

Was she a Congresswoman?

Did she say she worked for Congress?

And ping we arrived on our floor

And we just all got off like in a daze

Trying to process the opportunity that we just missed
Who was it
We will never know!

And then that, my friend, brings us back to the beginning of our story which was…omg Craig you will not believe how our afternoon unfolded and the crazy timing of events and the amazing people we spoke to and met today… I can not believe what I witnessed and how lucky Hailey was at her age to not only see it all with her own eyes but to love it and enjoy it almost as much as Me.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’πŸ½πŸ™‹πŸ½

Crazy Just Crazy 😳 I’m so proud of you and I’m so happy that Hailey got to experience this amazing opportunity with her Mom!

Thanks lover…baaaack to NY 😩

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