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Dutch Wonderland🏰…An Amusement Park “Kingdom for Kids” 🎑🎒🎠…Β 

Dutch Wonderland 🏰 has popped up in conversations every single year that I’ve been a parent and as every year came and passed I started to feel guilty that I never checked it out. Most people pair it with Hershey Park🍫🎑, as it is in Lancaster, PA but we decided to pair it with our Amish Country and Doll Outlet Trips.

My girls were no longer little toddlers😩 and I was not gonna let another year or my boys childhood go wasted so I decided to finally check it out! πŸŽ‰

The appealing part was it was 2 parks in one- amusement park and water park. Surprisingly my girls had NOT missed the boat and everyone enjoyed the day. πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬

We spent an hour or so at the water play area called Dukes Lagoon so they could cool off because we went on a 90+ degree day. 🌞Not knowing there was a water park was our only mistake and so the kids had to get wet in their clothing but thankfully since it was so hot they had the whole rest of their day to dry off. πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

There was different parts of the amusement park and we took our time exploring and enjoying each section. The only section we missed was the Prehistoric Dinosaur Section. My boys really enjoyed the toddler ride section.

There were a few unique ride experiences they’ve never went on.🎠🎑

The big ones enjoyed the roller coaster section and luckily the lines weren’t too long so they were able to go over and over again.🎒

All in all it was a fun day and a nice experience if you are visiting the Dutch Country area! βœ”οΈ

Other things nearby were the Strasberg Railroad and the Toy Train Museum that we passed. πŸšžπŸšƒπŸš‹

You could easily spend a bunch of days in Lancaster, here’s some more ideas πŸ’‘ We had the most incredible day taking a tour of Amish Country on a horse and buggy ride and would race back to do it again and learn more! ❀️❀️

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