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DIGGERLAND- A Uniquely Fun Opportunity for Your Little Bob the Builders 🚜🚜🎑

DIGGERLAND in West Berlin, NJ was like a Dream Come True for my Little Bob the Builders Shane and Skyler last week! 🚜🚜🎑

DIGGERLAND is a Construction-themed attraction and amusement park where children can drive, ride & operate heavy machinery. You need to bring your little boys here NOW, and to be honest their sisters will have just as much fun! πŸ‘«πŸšœπŸŽ‘ I wrote a blog post last month about a fantasyland for little girls at the Doll Outlet now it’s time for the boys!

You can read info about the park in the next few paragraphs or you can skip down below to hear about our day!πŸšœπŸ‘¬

From their site: “Diggerland USA is the only construction themed adventure park in North America where children and families can drive, ride and operate ACTUAL machinery. The park, which covers about 14 acres in West Berlin, NJ (20 minutes from Philadelphia), is comprised of over 25 attractions. The majority of which are real, diesel powered, full size, pieces of construction equipment. Each machine has undergone advanced engineering modifications which make them safe for the public, allowing children as small as 36β€³ to operate with little to no instruction.

Guests who visit Diggerland can drive full size backhoes, dig giant holes with real excavators, and operate just about every sort of construction machine you might imagine – from the skid-steers to the recently unveiled ARGOs, made famous by their amphibious qualities.

Along with operating heavy machinery Diggerland guests can climb one of the world’s tallest ropes courses, take an off road adventure in our military trucks, tackle the rock wall, spend time in the video arcade or enjoy one of the daily heavy machinery stunt shows performed by our operating team.

Family Owned and Operated

Diggerland USA is family owned and operated. The family has an extensive background in the entertainment and construction industry.

The family is passionate about special needs education and advancement. The family and their personal connection to the special needs community and a loving family member was the inspiration behind SAMBULANCE, a non-profit focused on Special Needs Safety Education, as well as Special Needs Nights at Diggerland.

About the Machinery

Most of the machines at Diggerland are supplied by JCB, one of the worlds largest heavy equipment manufacturers. JCB is based in the United Kingdom with North American headquarters as well as production plant facilities located in the United States out of Savannah, GA.

JCB as a company is known for innovation, inventing the backhoe loader, the telescopic handler, and the side loading skid-steer. They also hold the diesel-powered land speed record. JCBs as machines are prided for their safety and fuel efficiency. 1 out of every 2 backhoes on earth is a JCB machine. Diggerland USA has over 30 machines supplied by JCB that include a full range of excavators, telehandlers, skid-steers, backhoes and off-road utility trucks – all available to operate themselves!”

We were lucky that Skyler just eeked in at 37″. According to their site “Many of the Diggerland attractions require a minimum of 36β€³ to ride on, some under the assistance of a parent or legal guardian.

A few attractions require a 42β€³ height to participate.

If your child is under 36β€³ they have free admission but attractions they may participate on are extremely limited and would only include the playground and Arcade”

The Backhoe:🚜🚜

This was our 1st experience of the day and I’m not sure who was more excited me or the boys!

They giggled with happiness πŸ˜ƒ as they made the giant claw go up and then coming crashing down to shake the backhoe! “Take a Backhoe Adventure when you, 3 friends and a Diggerland Ride Operator climb inside the cab of a modified JCB 3CX backhoe, taking turns behind the wheel of the machine as it navigates our course!”

MYYYYY favorite part of the day was the Mini Digger experience “Take a Backhoe Adventure when you, 3 friends and a Diggerland Ride Operator climb inside the cab of a modified JCB 3CX backhoe, taking turns behind the wheel of the machine as it navigates our course!”

Watching the claw so easily crush through the dirt, being able to control the wheel to lift it, move it, and dump it was really satisfying. βœ”οΈIn fact it looked so easy and smooth I thought the dirt was the consistency of sand but when I grabbed a handful ✊🏽when my turn was over I was surprised to see it was actually coarse dirt!

Shane and Craig had a really competitive game of …

MINI DIGGERS: BOWLING going on! 🚜🎳Where Your β€œBowling Ball” is attached to the arm of a JCB 8018 mini-excavator! Manipulate the arm and see if you can knock down all of the pins! Sounds easyβ€”but it’s not when you’re controlling over 2 tons of steel!

We also went on a ride where we sat literally inside the giant claw and took a bumpy ride around the dirt track!

We got to sit inside a huge dump truck and get DUMPED from up high!

Shane for the first time ever drove a go kart around a track!

We took a break for lunch, the menu being a little more creative then your typical theme park, I had the meatball hero and Craig a turkey burger. We also cooled off in the Arcade, a mini Chucky Cheese kind of place where you gather electronic tickets on your card and trade them in for fabulous pieces of junk 😬

We then headed over to the theme park ride area with more traditional rides with a Construction theme 🎑

There was a carousel kind of ride where we sat in a claw and went in circles.

Shane was too short for the best 2 rides. The claw that spun SUPER FAST and the claw that brought you SUPER high in the air.

Which was fine, because they were more then happy playing in the huge climbing structure in the playground.

Craig also took Shane to drive a small digger truck alone by themselves around a track. πŸ”

It was a HOT day πŸ”₯so we ended up skipping out on the humongous ropes course which looked really fun and challenging.

Instead the only thing the boys cared about was going to the gift shop.

When we entered Shane ran to Skyler and said “Sky this place is siiiiiiiick”.😝 They had TONS of diggers in all sizes and brands and they allowed you to test out the toys. They opted for a big digger and a big dump truck and have not stopped playing with it since we bought it. πŸšœπŸŽ‰

While it appeals to little boys, I think 8/9 and under mostly, I really think that my girls would have had just as much fun. My boys were at a PERFECT age!

I think age 5 is the sweet spot. βœ”οΈ It’s not everyday you actually get to see how these machines work. πŸ†’ I think anyone no matter make or female and whatever age would get a kick out of controlling a digger and working the claw up and down left and right dumping and digging. β¬†οΈβ¬‡οΈβž‘οΈβ¬…οΈ

They even have an Adult only section where you can crush cars (awesome) and control the BIG diggers! πŸ’ͺ🏽

The park was totally doable in a little more then a half a day.

We lucked out that the lines weren’t too long, but I could imagine them being longer then usual on a busy day because it’s a very personalized experience and extra attention is paid to safety. πŸ†˜βš οΈ All in all, Shaps kids will be back! πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬

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