Republican State Senators Torpedo Gun Reform in New York State in 2018: Offer Thoughts and Prayers As Alternative

I spent most of this week in the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting, researching the heavy topic of mass shootings and the failure of gun reform in New York. Thanks to the amazing collaboration with Andre Garabedian, who’s work you can visit at www.myblueass.comΒ we were able to come up with this comprehensive researchΒ and we hope you share this with any and all Long Islanders and New Yorkers. We hope that the readers can not only learn the truth about how NY State Senate Republicans obstructed a critical common sense gun reform package on 2/28/18 that the Senate Democrats tried to bring to the floor for a vote, but can also learn why these bills are so important and crucial to saving New Yorkers lives to prevent future mass shootings. We can not rely on the federal government to protect our families, New Yorkers must act at once to vote for Democrat candidates Β Anna Kaplan (district 7) , Jim Gaughran (district 5) , Kathleen Cleary (district 2) and reelect Senator Brooks (district 8) on Long Island that will support and vote for gun reform in Albany in 2019!

I implore New Yorkers to see for themselves How NY State Senate Republicans Torpedoed 4 Landmark Gun Reform Bills in NY on 2/28/18, Effectively Neglecting their Constituents That They Were Elected to Protect and Serve and leaving them vulnerable to further Mass Shootings and death. Β The following hyperlink is a video giving detailed education on the 4 Gun Reform Bills that New York State Senate Democrats tried to pass early this year.







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