Calling All Miracle Makers!!!πŸ“£ πŸ†˜ Desperately in Need for Angels to Answer Xmas Letters from NYC’s Shelter Kids πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸ™πŸ½

Last year I wrote a blog post asking my readers to participate in various ways with the Mrs Claus for a Cause Charity. Well I’m back again hoping that my friends will participate for a 2nd year in a row in a truly heartwarming cause. Let me explain the background story before I give you several ways you can become a Holiday Miracle this year! If you want to cut to the chase scroll down and read the 10 WAYS YOU CAN MAKE A HOMELESS CHILDS XMAS WISH LIST COME TRUE THIS YEAR- either by financial donations or donating your time for free…there are several ways to be your very own Mrs Claus! Β “Jennifer Scully started “Mrs Claus for a Cause” 8 years ago on Facebook it can be found at Help Mrs. Claus. (516-695-9921 text)Β She called up the Harlem Downing child welfare agency and asked to fulfill a few children’s holiday wish lists.

Jennifer, Mrs Claus, and I at her wrapping party in 2017

The first letter she read the child asked for 1 Barbie. She said I can afford that give me another. The next child asked for a jacket. At that point she was sucked in and couldn’t stop.πŸ’“ With very limited funds, she enlisted her friends and family and they ended up answering 30 children’s letters and packed up her whole car and delivered the gifts. From word of mouth the charity started to grow, as more people share and the word got out they have been able to answer more and more children’s needs.”


Last year I discovered this Holiday charity posted on a a friends FB wall, I immediately loved the idea of answering a few letters and then decided to take my daughters with another family to the wrapping party at Jennifer’s house.


There were literally no words to explain what I witnessed in person.

She wasn’t exaggerating when she said there were 1000s of presents needing to be wrapped in every crevice of her house.


For 2 hours we got to work like little elves and wrapped and wrapped and it was an amazing feeling to get my kids involved!



We all gathered around and listened in awe as she told us the story of how she started the program. Since 2010 she has given hope to 2,233 children by having their letters answered with their requests! This year is a little different, Harlem Downing decided to give Jennifer less letters because these children are truly in the most dire situations. 90% of the children this year live strictly in shelters and have asked for presents they truly can not be given sadly: a bed, a bedroom and a home. Due to the smaller number of letters, Jennifer is hoping to bring smiles to their faces by giving them a multitude of presents: toys, jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, new boots, sneakers, clothing etc…The other 10% is made up of a group of Non verbal Autistic teenagers who are between the ages of 18-21 who are no longer part of the children’s program due to their ages but so desperately need as well.


I reached out to Jennifer and I asked her to write up exactly what she needs and how I can help her (with my commentary in green) and this was her reply below:

Hi, Everyone. I have updated this post with all links to donations, dates, news clip, and info in one easy to find place. Please feel free to share.

(I have highlighted below in red the 10 ways you can be your own Mrs Claus this year, some are free!!!)


β€οΈπŸ’š WAYS TO HELP β€οΈπŸ’š

When I first started Mrs. Claus in 2010, I was the single mom of a four-year-old with $300 to my name. I fell into a morbid depression and decided that the only way out was to help others less fortunate. I had the ability to work but children do not.Helping these children changed my life in so many ways I cannot even count.

Please see Mrs Claus on the news to learn more:

If you would like to help, here some ways and some are FREE!

1-We have 135 letters to Santa. Many items are still available. Send me a message on my page below to be matched with a child:Β

This is a live google document that you can see what gifts still need to be bought. You can text Jennifer (516-695-9921)Β to be matched to a child if you see one that stands out to you otherwise text her to be matched.Β


No time to shop?

2-We LOVE gift cards to Chuck E. Cheese’s to help us pay for the children’s Christmas party. We feed approximately 300 people and we purchase 200 token packages for the children to play games.

Send to:

(What Jennifer graciously has left off of her response to me, but people NEED to know, is that because of the generosity of all these angels buying gifts for children she feels bad asking for $$$ donations for the party so she ends up paying for a party for 300 guests out of her OWN pocket that runs over $7k, in addition to the money she spends filling in last minute requests for children that were never fulfilled. THIS IS WHERE WE CAN HELP BY DONATING $$$$. You need to understand and cost of the value of this party for the children. Imagine these children do not have normal childhoods and the opportunities to run around like carefree regular children. most will not have an Xmas tree this year. THIS IS THEIR CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! The cost of this party is made up of admission, play tokens, and bussing of all these families from shelters near and far and for transportation home at night with all their presents. It also includes a complete dinner and drinks, which is very well the only hearty satisfyingΒ meal they will receive that day. I intend on donating my money directly to the party because I was there last year attending and volunteering at the event and I saw how wonderful and touching it was…pictures at the bottom of the post)


3-If you would like to help pay for a Childs wish list item but have no time to shop, we have a go fund me account. We are happy to shop for you!


4-If you cannot afford a donation:

Come to our wrapping party on December 15. It’s an open house between 12 PM and 9 PM. Message me for my address. Its in Huntington, Long Island

(As you can see the pictures above of the wrapping party its A LOT. Please bring your own tape and scissors its a chaotic but fun and a high energy scene. If you have gift bags, tissue paper and wrapping paper as well it would be helpful. Be ready to dive in)


5-Share my posts and change your privacy setting to “public.”

The more people who know what we are doing, the more help we can get.


6-Ask around and see if friends or family have leftover wrapping supplies they would like to donate or if they would like to sponsor a child


7-Come help load the truck on December 21 at 11 AM at my house.

(I seriously was panicked the I arrived at her house to help load, and the day of the event it seemed like a Herculean task. There are thousands of gifts. PLEASE HELP!)


8-Grab a ride with one of us on December 21 and come to Harlem to meet the children and help deliver their presents.

(If you can this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Volunteering at the event with the children is AMAZING. My kids loved playing a few games, but they were there to work and they did)


9- Donate directly to Jennifer’s VENMO @jenniferscullydesigns to save processing fees and can be done in a matter of 5 seconds. You can also donate to my venmoΒ  Β  Β  Β  @Alethea-Shapiro and I will consolidate everyones donations into one check for Mrs Claus.Β 


10- With your support and trust you can drop a check or cash off to me (Alethea) and I will take care of everything FOR YOU and make sure its used for the most pressing need and fill whatever last minute void comes up!!!


Thank you all for your support. Each year we are able to do more and more for the children to help change their lives. We can also change our own.

Through the spirit of giving, we create a reciprocal energy of generosity and love that continues on.

People say that one person can’t change the world and I would agree with that. But one person can change another person’s world and that person can change another person’s world. And that is how we make a difference; by loving one another.

In this tumultuous and most divisive time in our country, it is more important than ever for us all to witness love conquering all.



Last year I was lucky enough to bring my girls to attend and volunteer at the Childrens Party at Chuckee Cheese.

I am sharing some of the pictures of the event. Unfortunately that day it snowed and made an already complicated party even more difficult to pull off. We needed to unload 2 moving trucks in the snow and unload 1000s of various presents and bikes for the large number of kids and carry everything what amounted to 2 city blocks because of parking and location of the party room.


Then we served dinner to all the families, which was difficult because as you can imagine excepting food to be ready for 200+ at the same timeΒ and then serving it quickly proved challenging, but rewarding.



Then fun part of giving out the presents began! It was crazy fun chaos!!!

Unfortunately this year my family will be away for the party so we cant volunteer but I hope to inspire readers to show uo and help out the night of the party, its truly a magical and unique experience! What I loved most about it was the human connection and seeing actual faces light up with happiness and gratitude! It was so much more fulfilling and impactful then just writing out a check, although with out the donations none of this could ever happen!

Ok so to recap, there are 10 different ways you can literally change a homeless child’s life this Holiday season. There is nothing better to me in life then the gift of giving. Any amount is useful…just imagine $5 can be used to buy new gloves or a pack of socks! So please please open your hearts to some of NYC’s most desperate children. With much gratitude love and blessings,


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